Responsibilities Of Sports Stars

Sports stars are role models to many people. Their influence transcends age and even gender. Young and old, male and female look up to these dazzling stars. Humans that have gone and done extraordinary things in the world of sports. But with their extraordinary abilities comes an element of responsibility. By becoming a public figure their lifestyles come under scrutiny. Not because people want to see them fail but simply to find out what makes them great. The intention being that if we can identify what makes them great then maybe we can unlock the greatness within ourselves.

However, the big question is, did their talent come with an extra sense of knowing the difference between right and wrong? Did they get the ability to be a stand-up person with their skill? Unfortunately this is not the case.

Even with his amazing football wizardry Lionel Messi got arrested for tax evasion. Did he really not know what was going on? Or is he really just a regular guy with super footballing abilities. Maybe just like the rest of us he saw a grey area in legislation and chose to exploit it. In the very same way that most the best online gambling sites such as started operations. And just like Messi some of these online casinos ended up paying stiff fines.

Then there superstars like Lance Armstrong. The cycling icon confessed to using drugs so that he could continue competing even though he knew it was wrong. Hanse Cronje, the South African cricket coach got busted for match fixing. Both were fully aware that they were breaking the law but still continued to do it anyway. So it can be concluded that these super athletes are just as human as the rest of us. Sometimes knowingly chose to do the wrong thing.

And like the rest of us. There are some sports stars that are trying to make positive difference in the world. LikeKaepernick, the NFL quarterback who choose to risk his career by standing up or rather kneeling for the black lives matter movement.

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