Powerball makes us dream about the millions

Powerball is the name of the most spectacular American lottery, and it was originally created in the late eighties and it was known as ‘Lotto America’. In 1992 the name changed to Powerball and that is when this incredible story starts. The game’s popularity grew enormously as days passed and it culminated when 44 states joined the Powerball craze.

The lotto winners can choose to receive their prizes as annual payments or receive it as one lump sum. Most people decide to get all the money at once, but the taxes take a huge piece of the earnings. The stats are cold and we know it beforehand, it’s almost impossible to get the six numbers right, but that is what dreams are made of, the impossible. Play Powerball and give yourself the chance to reinvent your whole life.

To win Powerball you need to hit the six numbers that are drawn from the two machines that have the balls. In the beginning, players selected five numbers from forty-five balls and one Powerball from forty-five balls, but that has changed with the years, and then it changed to five numbers from fifty-nine balls and one Powerball from thirty-five balls to ensure bigger prizes to the winners.

But in 2015 the format changed again to make prizes even more attractive. The format changed to five numbers from sixty-nine balls and the Powerball from twenty-six balls. The logic behind this is to make the prizes bigger, ideally until they reach the thousand million dollar mark, but at the same time it makes it harder to win.

The jackpot starts at 40 million dollars and the second prize is a million dollars, the jackpot gets bigger as every draw passes without winners. This means that the jackpot can hit elevated numbers, and therefore new millionaires. One of the best examples of this is the 1.58 billion dollar prize that was given out to three new luck millionaires. In January of 2016 three lucky winners from the states of Tennessee, Florida, and California won the biggest Powerball jackpot.

The second biggest jackpot was a 700 million prize that was won in May of 2013, and in third place we have a 590 million dollar jackpot that was awarded to two new lucky millionaires in November of 2012.

You can be one the next millionaires that can have their lives changed by this lotto, just buy a ticket and let yourself dream.



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